The Founder, Mr. Lam Tong

Tung Cheng Yuen Buddist Association is founded by Mr. Lam Tong, who is not a billionaire, but a humble old man in his 80’s. Mr. Lam has made numerous charitable donations, cumulative to over tens of millions of RMB to the social well-being in the Mainland in last 2 decades. His philanthropic spirit was highly recognized and during the first “Love China” campaign in 2005, he was elected as one of the 100 significant charitable Chinese figures. Consecutively in 2007 and 2008, Mr. Lam Tong was awarded “Top 10 Philanthropists in China”. He also received “Service for Humanity Award” from Red Cross China. During 60th National Day of the People’s Republic of China, he received the awards of “One of the 60 Most Influential Philanthropists in China”. All these awards show that the industrious efforts and the benevolent activities of Mr. Lam Tong have been well received by the public and the official. Over 80 years of age, Mr. Lam Tong said he does not run for the reputation. He really wants to set a role model in the Chinese society, to inspire people from different walks of life to practice charity to help the distressed needy.


Mr. Lam Tong is illiterate, suffering from poverty and hardships most of his life. He was once paralyzed due to an acute illness. Just as he approached death, he has got enlightened by Buddhism and his life is turned around. He becomes the follower of Master Ji Gong and founded Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association. He once mentioned that “a person who receives no education is as if he has no heart. Although I don’t have a chance to go to school, I hope the children in poverty will have the chance to receive education and able to live a better life.” With this belief, he worked with Association of Returned Overseas Chinese to finance numerous schools building projects in the poor mountainous regions in China in the past decades.


In recent years, Founder of Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association Mr. Lam Tong further received “International Benevolent Philanthropist Award” and “The Gold Prize of Yat Sen Award”. In Dec 2011, he was elected as one of the top 10 persons in ” ATV Hong Kong Loving Hearts Campaign 2011”. The altruistic spirit and full-hearted devotion to philanthropy of Mr. Lam Tong becomes well memorized by the public after the screening of this programme. Earlier this year, the China Charity Federation presented the “Personal Award of Benevolence” to Mr. Lam Tong. Currently, Mr. Lam Tong is the Permanent Chairman of Vancouver Dejiaohui Zi Ping Ge Moral Society, Director of China Charity Federation, Director of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Taipo Tin Hau Temple, Honorary Chairman of Macau Daoism Association, Honorary Consultant of Thailand Tech Kah Charity Association and Ji Gong Charity Association, etc. Mr. Lam Tong is committed to work industriously for the well-being of society, the happiness of mankind and world peace under the altruistic and benevolent spirit of Master Ji Gong.