Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association

Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association is founded by Mr. Lam Tong, with branches in Hong Kong, Macau and Vancouver, as well as correspondence offices in Tan Zhou Zhong Shan China and USA. Based on the principles of “To pay a debt of gratitude by serving the country with people welfare at heart”, its members have actively participated in religious activities for the well-being of society, charity functions and cultural educational events etc. Well-organized and led by a group of volunteers and based on the principles of Buddhism and inspiration from Mr. Lam Tong, the association works industriously for the communities in Hong Kong, Macau and Vancouver, by providing spiritual food to the people and nurturing a better and more harmonious society.


In Mr. Lam Tong’s opinion, compassion has no boundary and all religions shall advocate benevolence. As early as in 2001, Mr. Lam Tong has invited and led a number of different religious groups to perform blessing ceremony for world peace in Macau. In recent years, he mobilizes Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association, Vancouver Dejiaohui Zi Ping Ge Moral Society, Macao Dejiaohui Jixiuge to promote educational & cultural functions, such as the “13th International Board on Books for Young People” in Macau in 2006; the “Primary & Secondary School Students Writing Competition on Social Services” organized in Vancouver, China, Hong Kong and Macau in 2007; “The Ji Gong International Cultural Festival” held in Vancouver and Macau in 2008; “Celebration Students Creative Competition in Celebration for 60th China National Day ” in 2009, and the “ 4th International Philanthropy Forum” jointly organized with a number of national bodies at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing in 2010. He also initiated Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association to stage the ”Civilian Beliefs and Culture Exhibition” at the Hong Kong Central Library in 2011 to enrich knowledge of the Chinese cultural and beliefs amongst HK citizens and students.


Apart from cultural and educational activities and events, Vancouver Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association began offer free medical consultation services in 2010. Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association in Hong Kong also opened its first Charitable Clinic in Tsui Ping Estate, Kwun Tong Kowloon in the 2nd half of 2011. This clinic provided free medical consultations and medication to over 10,000 people in the first 10 months. The counterpart in Macau will also open its first charity clinic in Edf. Pou Va, R. Sul Do Patane in Oct 2012, to help relieve the health problems and medical needs of low income earners.

During the past years, Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association in Hong Kong, Macau and Vancouver have held regular prayer sessions, spiritual study activities, weekend interest classes, as well as Chinese medical consultation services for free. Every day, its premises open regularly for the public to pray and give offerings. The association is also planning to build a Ji Gong Temple in Vancouver in collaborating with Dejiaohui Zi Ping Ge Moral Society (Zi Ping Ge), Vancouver to promote the altruistic and righteous spirits of Master Ji Gong. Under the guidance of the great compassion and selfless spirit of the Buddha and through the operating principles of righteous, comprehensive and voluntary activities, Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association aims to promote Buddhism in order to achieve a harmony in society by uplifting the spiritual revelation and offering relief to pains and struggles for those suffered by disasters and poverty.